Who I think dies next in Game of Thrones

Who I think dies next in Game of Thrones
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I’m simultaneously excited and nauseated about Sunday evening. I love a good fantastical battle as much as the next nerd, but most of them take place is fuzzier universes. This is Game of Thrones; people die a lot in this show. And we’ve been told that it’s going to be intense. And since this is the final season, that makes this upcoming episode all the more terrifying.

I’ve been thinking who I believe will be dying or surviving, what deaths make sense for the story or the pace, what might flow with any foreshadowing. Man, I love foreshadowing.

I’m an emotional bean though, so this article is probably miles from the truth because of my own bias. But, if I am right, you owe me dinner.

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Tonight. #GameofThrones

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Dany kills Jon

I don’t like Daenerys anymore *flinches*

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I’m sorry, but she’s become cruel, ruthless, and her dragons need their mom to be a better example.

Since finding out that she is no longer the rightful heir to the Iron Throne, Daenerys googly eyes towards Jon may have dimmed. Now, he’s just another obstacle towards her ultimate goal. And she’s crushed her obstacles. She is a dragon after all, and Dragons “eat whatever they want”

There has been a theory about Dany, in which she follows her family’s footsteps and becomes a Mad Queen. And throughout the series, even Daenerys biggest fans must admit, that her advisors held her back from burning things to the ground.

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3 more sleeps. #GameofThrones

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I think it would be an awesome twist for the main heroine of the show and definitely a favourite to end up on the throne, to turn into someone tyrannical.

She said herself “I will take what is mine with fire and blood.” If Jon stands in the way, I think Daenerys will do what she believes in necessary. And what better place to deal with him, than in all the hullaballoo of battle.

Sansa survives

I love this girl so much. And she is arguably the strongest character in the show. If she can survive Ramsey and Joffrey, she can survive white walkers. And I truly believe that she was meant to survive the games all alone, planned from season 1. Tyrion, the smarted dude in Westeros even said, “Lady Stark, you may survive us yet.”

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Her character development is my favourite in the show, from frightened girl, to wise leader. Most people did not like her at all viewing her as weak and spoiled, but she has risen to the top. With an elixir of wisdom from the people she was influenced by. She has more teeth to show us.

Brienne dies

This one may be fairly obvious. Her Knighting scene definitely seemed to confirm that. It ends her story in a satisfying way, but also will twist the knife when her death comes. At least we all know that if she is the one to go, she will go down fighting.

Bloody Crypts

Considering the fact that they are battling the undead, who resurrect the dead, maybe the crypts isn’t the best place to keep the vulnerable folk of Winterfell. In all fairness, where else will they keep them? I wouldn’t have put them there though, maybe the safest place would be behind Tormund.

I am doubly scared since my beloved Tyrion will be stored there. Though I don’t think he will be killed off just yet, him and Cersei need to have another stand-off.

There are so many delicious babies for the Whites to recruit, so expect there to be a lot of death in the crypts this coming episode. Not just because it’s a tomb.  Gilly and baby Sam will be among the ones I think will be killed, as well as the brilliant Lyanna Mormont.

Wow, if my predictions are correct Sam is having a terrible week.

The White Walkers win

I’m not a string believer in the theory that the dead will win, and the Night King will end up on the Iron Throne. I feel like an ending like that would be very dissatisfying and just plain disappointing. However, I’m pretty sure Winterfell will fall. Thinking back, in season 2, Daenerys had a vision of the Iron Throne deep in snow, with a dragon flying overhead. Suggesting that the dead will spread all the way to Kings Landing, forcing it to become Cersei’s problem.

Clegane survives

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I think that if they do end up killing the Hound, then the show would be kicking themselves in the nuts and missing a huge opportunity. Let’s not forget who his brother is? That’s right, the big scary mountain. The brother needs to have a standoff, and Clegane can avenge not only his burnt face, but everyone that the Mountain has abused over the years. And guess who can help him, why the best little killer there is…Arya.

Ghost is going to be fine

The good boy will be ok. I don’t care what ANY of you say. They are not killing another dog. They have already taken way too many away from, and a dragon.

Nope. Ghost is going to be ok.

Gendry, Jorah, Ser Davos

Get ready to say bye-bye. These characters will probably die, as their deaths will not affect the overall plot significantly, they will emotionally punch us in the gut, and they will deeply affect the main characters. At least Arya got a nice memory of Gendry before he dies.

If Jorah dies, that will be one more log on Daenerys growing fury. It also means one less person holding her rage back.

Those are my predictions. However, GOT has taught me to expect the unexpected, so I may be completely wrong.

Game of Thrones Writers- please don’t kill Ghost, Podrick, Sansa, and Tyrion.

If any of these characters die, it’s not going to be pretty. I should have listened to Cersei from the beginning. “The more people you love, the weaker you are.” She is right about that.

PTMIA (Public too much information announcement)

This is a bad week to get your period.

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