These 4 Manchester Utd players could be gone next season

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After the dismal performance by Man U in their 4-0 defeat to Everton, Gary Neville tore into the whole Man U squad for having the wrong attitude. Before the match, Ole Gunnar Solskjær had issued a wakeup call to the players following five defeats in their last seven games. Gary Neville even suggested that Man U players were showing their true colors.

Some Players Have to Go

Neville means that the players at Manchester United are not really that good and some need to go by next season. The buzz has been that Ole will need about five new players, which means about five players will need to leave. Here are the four players that could leave the Man U squad next season.

Alexis Sanchez

With Sanchez, it is always a matter of so much potential but no performance. Unfortunately, things have not worked out for him at Man U. He was placed down the left under Mourinho with Rashford and Martial having to be sacrificed. Sanchez managed to retain a starting XI despite never reaching the same performance levels as he did while at Arsenal.

Under Solskjær, he has been dropped in favor of Rashford and Martial. Based on what is going on at Man U; it is not likely he will get his position back soon. While he seems in good spirits despite being dropped from the starting XI, it might be time to sell him in favor of a younger and more agile player.

David De Gea

In his heyday, De Gea could single-handedly hold down the fort and save Man U from a humiliating defeat. However, he appears to have lost his mojo. In a team that is looking more and more average, it might be time to let him go. He has made numerous mistakes in recent games that have cost Man U a lot. It might be time to sell him while his value is still high and re-invest in younger talent.

Paul Pogba

Pogba is a player who could thrive in a highly accomplished team with better players to support him. He is an awesome player who has great balance and good spatial awareness. However, he is clearly lacking in game intelligence and the ability to carry a team forward when the situation demands it like Cristiano Ronaldo. Selling him now while his value is still high is a good idea. While Man U might not get as much as they got for him, he has no injury and he has been in decent form recently. Selling him might be the best decision for Man U.

Romelu Lukaku

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Lukaku has clearly lost his touch. He just seems inept on the field. His technical deficiencies are visible to all each time he steps on the field. It would seem, like De Gea, his best days are behind him. When he gets a touch on the ball, his movement makes him seem ill-equipped to be playing for Man U. In recent games, his moves have been breaking down too often.

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