The photographer who travels back in time to take selfies with celebs

The photographer who travels back in time to take selfies with celebs
Photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels

Imagine having a time machine that could travel back in time to meet one of your favourite artists who is no longer with us. Of course, such a moment can only be immortalized and what else would be much better than taking a selfie with the likes of Audrey Hepburn, Albert Einstein or even John Lennon.

So far, scientists have not yet made a breakthrough in time travel, but this did not prevent the 26-year-old Flora Borsi from making a selfie with her idols post mortem. She is a Budapest-based photographer who is, as you will see below, a magician with Photoshop.

Flora Borsi is no stranger to us as she is famous for her self portraits with different animals which she referred to as “Animeyed”.

Each photo shows seamless creativity. She took her time to prepare well for her selfie series, as she wanted them to be “as realistic as possible”. She had to find the perfect photo of her celebrity and digitally prime it, before she was able to insert her own photo into it to make it look like a selfie. If you ever used Photoshop or the likes you will know how much work has actually gone into these photos!

It would be actually quite interesting to know what the celebrities on Flora’s selfies would think about her work – or selfies in general.

Well enough talk, lets have a look at some of her selfies.

Mahatma Gandhi

One of her most famous selfies is with Mahatma Gandhi. For this shot she had to analyze the lighting, depth, noise type, and gamma. She also had to research the type of compression artefact. In order to make the photo as realistic as possible, she also had to do some research on the appropriate hair and fashion that were in around that time.

Audrey Hepburn

In her self-portrait with the once famous British actress, dancer, humanitarian and dancer, Audrey Hepburn she appears wild and crazy.

Marilyn Monroe

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Remember Marylin Monroe? Of course you do! Well, she did make a selfie with her too. In the photo, she is dressed in a black dress that matches that of Monroe and seems to enjoy her company, too.

Albert Einstein

Flora also made a portrait of herself with the world’s famous physicist, Albert Einstein. What I really love about this photo is that she has managed to blend in perfectly by the use of clothing and facial expression. She understands the power of atmosphere and literally completes her protagonist and doesn’t overshadow them.

Sigmund Freud

Grimacing, sitting on Sigmund Freud’s office desk, who doesn’t look like he is too impressed with Flora’s behaviour. Another great example how well the artist pays attention to detail.

Make sure you explore the full series of selfies taken with celebrities on Flora’s website. It is well worth a visit, as she truly is a master of the photoshopping art.