The Lowdown on Camila Morrone

The Lowdown on Camila Morrone
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You may have come across the name Camila Morrone popping across various social media and gossip sites and wondered “who is she?” Camila Morrone has become a popular sight ever since she was linked with actor Leonardo DiCaprio. Rumours of the two dating have been swirling in the tabloids since December 2018. The relationship seems to have been confirmed when the two were seen in Cannes together for the 2019 film festival where DiCaprio’s latest project “Once Upon A Time in Hollywood” was premiering. So naturally, it’s curious to want to know who the new woman who has captured DiCaprio’s attention is.

Who is Camila Morrone?

Morrone is a 21-year-old model born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her parents are Maximo Morrone and Lucila Polak. Her father was also a model. On one occasion, Camila posted a photo of her father modeling for Versace and Dolce & Gabbana. Her biography, or technically Wikipedia, says that she began her modeling career in 2012. Morrone’s biggest gig was in 2016 for Victoria Secrets lookbooks and catalogues. Her runway debut was in 2017 for the Moschino resort show. In the same year, she had a chance to be part of LOVE’s advent calendar series and was on the cover of Vogue Turkey. In 2018, she was in Sephora campaign and on the cover of Jalouse.

The Al Pacino Connection

Morrone is linked to Al Pacino, and you may be scratching to figure out how. Camila’s parents divorced in 2006, and her mother got into a relationship with Al Pacino. The relationship lasted a long while, but the two never married. However, Camila has always referred to Al Pacino as her stepfather. In fact, it is because of Pacino’s relationship with DiCaprio that the two lovebirds know each other. Apparently, they have been family friends for ten years. Yes, Leonardo DiCaprio has known his girlfriend since she was 11.

What About Kylie Jenner?

With her rising popularity in the modeling industry, it’s no surprise that she has a few famous friends. Kylie and Kendall Jenner are two of them. The two sisters are some of her followers on Instagram and are part of Camila’s close circle. Morrone, Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner were seen spending time together as they celebrated Hailey Baldwin’s 21st birthday. Morrone’s resemblance to Hailey Baldwin always has people questioning if the two are related. No, they are not. They just look so much alike; it happens.

Besides modeling, the 21-year-old Argentine is trying her luck in acting as well. In 2012, she was in My Own Private River, a tribute to Joaquin Phoenix by James Franco. She appeared in another Franco feature, Bukowski, in 2013. She had the privilege of appearing in a film with Bruce Willis in 2018 in a remake of Death Wish.

Morrone was also at Cannes 2019 to promote her newest project, Mickey and The Bear. Between her modeling and acting, Camila is estimated to be worth about $2 million as of 2018. As she continues to build her profile, you can expect that Camila Morrone will be worth more and grow more popular.

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