The 7 Most Unrealistic Things About Video Games

Video games are a way for us to live a life we couldn’t even dream of, a life of endless possibilities, where we can be the hero, make a difference.
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Video games are a way for us to live a life we couldn’t even dream of. A life of endless possibilities, where we can be the hero, make a difference. And in many ways, they inspire and give us so much. They are a fantastic form of escapism. So much so, that we have overlooked the wildly unrealistic aspects of some of our favourite games. Some of the thing that are allowed in games, would even get you killed in real life.

Running everywhere

Hahahahahahahaha……I don’t run for anything. It’s in my contract.

In games, though, we run all the time, and get frustrated if we are forced to walk at a normal speed. The only times I run, is if I’ve waited a dangerously long time to go to the bathroom.

And even if we did run all the time, or at least most of the time, we would breathe heavily, sweat, maybe even get a cramp. I would love it, if in a game, after a long stint of running, the main character would double over and heaving to catch his breath. Or even just loud heavy breathing while he’s running would be cool.

Also, people don’t fall over in games. If you’re running all the time, I feel like you would fall a lot, or at least I do.

Lampposts and airbags

In real life, if you hit a post, your car would be messed up, you would be messed up, and the post would be dented. But in games, they fall like blades of grass. Sometimes they even bounce on the ground a little.

There are no airbags as well. If you watch your video game self closely in a crash (my life is sad). He just wobbles a little. There is no fear, or blood, and there are no airbags. Where are the airbags?

Where do you put your stuff?

Seriously, you see characters take a massive gun or sometimes and the next minute it’s gone. Where are they putting it? Inside them? I guess that’s a possibility. That reminds of Wonder women’s sword in between her cheeks. But you know, that is one sword, in games you can carry 3 guns, 4 swords, 10 medical packs, and crafting material, and still have loads of room. Don’t even get me started on Minecraft, where is he putting all his wood. I know that sounds dirty.

You are the only hope

In many games, you are the main character (obviously) and the fate of the world lies with you. And that’s understandable, as the sense of achievement is what makes games so addictive, and why real life is so disappointing. I remember playing Dragon Age Origins, and my little elf women, who had JUST become a Grey Warden, becomes the person everyone looks to for advice. She was very overwhelmed.

Let me tell you, that would not happen in real life, I don’t even listen to myself. It would be more likely that all the other characters completely ignore you and try and do things their way.

People also wait for you very patiently. Characters creepily wait for you to move and follow you wherever you go. I don’t think I’d like that. You can also be unspeakably rude to people, like walking away while they are talking, and they don’t punch you in the mouth. Fun fact, when you walk away from a character in a game, and you can hear them talking to no one in the distance, is something that always makes me laugh.

Animal abuse is ok

We all have some abandoned Nintendos somewhere.

Imagine if we did what we did in Pokémon Go in real-life. Capture wild animals, by throwing a ball at them. Forcing our pets to fight with our friend’s pets. It would be brutal, and my cat is 19, he would never win. I’d be the laughing stock of the Pokémon community.

In the world of video games, this behaviour is rewarded, and you are respected. Whereas in the real world, you would be despised, and thrown in prison.

The same clothes everyday

Unless we assume that every video game we have ever played is in some dystopian world where we are only allowed one outfit, then this is very unrealistic. Ok, maybe not very unrealistic, I mean I wear black jeggings every day.

After all that time spent in the sewers and jumping around, Mario’s overalls must be seriously stinky.

Enemies are blind

It’s not that I want to be killed or captured, but the amount of things you can get away with is crazy. Even when an enemy is right next to you, I mean literally standing over you, if you are in long grass, you are probably safe. Or if you a bit of a distance away from your enemies, they don’t seem to see you until you get closer. Or if you’re hanging from a ledge, and the enemy is standing at that same ledge. It’s like they don’t want to see you. Like a parent pretending they can’t find their kids in a game of hide and seek.

But despite all these things, games are awesome, and the things that might make them unrealistic just add more giggles and make the game easier. Because the games would be impossible if they were too realistic.

I’m also happy that VR is quite unrealistic. I know that they might one day develop technology that will allow you to feel things in games, but for now, I’m ok with not feeling the punches.

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