The 7 most annoying things co-worker do!

The 7 most annoying things co-worker do!
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If you are not a work-at-home person, you will understand when someone starts a conversation about that annoying co-worker who, in most cases has no clue that he or she is bothering everyone, or worse still does not care. Some co-workers can be too annoying for one to stand them and here are seven most annoying things I’ve had to experience with my co-workers.

The forced lunch buddy

Have you ever tried to have the fifteen minutes lunch on your own just to clear your head, then suddenly a co-worker walks up to you and without asking, sits at your table. Worse even, they are trying to give you all these stories about how their day has been, and they can’t see that you show no interest or don’t respond at all. I had someone do that in two consecutive days. It felt like hell did not want me to get my peace.

They always have something to do

There are these people who are always working on the next project at work, making the rest seem as if they are being paid to do nothing. They are either researching or inquiring and even googling during lunch and have no time for social activities. I still don’t get why they are not the CEO in the first year of their hiring.

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The loud caller

Some co-workers will let the whole office know that someone in their family needs to be set up for a forced date since they cannot lower their tone when picking personal calls in the office. I keep thinking to myself, “If you can’t lower your tone, take a walk out of the office at least. No one here cares about your family whereabouts.”

The Alicia Keys wanna be

We know, you can’t sing, that’s why you have no records or even a musical YouTube channel. Why do you have to sing out loud the lyrics to the song playing in your earphones? If it is that good, let us all hear it on the loudspeaker.

The needy co-workers

I am a compassionate person, but I hate it when a co-worker sees the need to share their sad story all the time. We are here to work not for therapy sessions. I get it that it will take a while for you to heal, but you should not try to make everyone feel sorry for you.

Funny, not funny

Have you ever had to stay close to a person at work who is always sharing memes that make absolutely no sense and they laugh out loud? You can’t even have the job done without your earphones on so that they don’t bother you.

The clumsy co-worker

Then there are these co-workers who never seem to find their physical bearing. Either coffee is spilled on their desk, or they fell on the hallway or knocked over some files on their way to the restroom. I always wonder if they forgot to turn on their center of gravity bearing when they woke up.

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