PlayStation5 Review: Specs, Games, Price, & News

The PlayStation 5 is coming gamers. Sony has officially revealed the PS5 or the “next generation console” as referred by Mark Cerny. We don’t know yet exactly what to expect from this new gaming hardware though. There are, however, interesting details that we have learnt from Mark Cerny’s interview.

PS5 release date

There’s no official word yet on the release date of a PlayStation5. Analysts are predicting a three-year window of the release date. However, all evidence gives us a feeling that we’ll see Sony’s next generation console in 2020.

So, prepare your fingers gaming enthusiasts! It will be a thrilling wait for the PlayStation5, but we are here for it.

PS5 Specs

We still don’t know about any specific plans of the PlayStation 5 but the first designs and features are promising. Some of the PS5 confirmed Specs include GPU, a bespoke 8-core AMD chipset and a built for purpose SSD system. The new SSD storage system will be more efficient than the existing SSD storage methods.

The PS5 could also have backward compatibility with PS4 games and the previous PlayStation models. This means that its’ games library will be extensive. The new PSVR hardware, 8K TV support, and a 3D audio are also alarmingly convincing.

The 8K TV support brings in more detailed and larger textures. The new SSD drive will also be faster with the new audio engine delivering fascinating sounds. These are the few Specs that prove this new gaming hardware will be very captivating.

PS5 Games: What games should we expect?

The PS5 will support all PS4 games and the entire PSVR library. There are also new games being specifically designed for Sony’s next generation console. Some of the prime candidates we are hoping to see on the PS5 include; The Ghost of Tsushima, The Last of Us 2 and God of War.

PS5 design: What form will it take?

The previous PlayStation models had their own unique designs. So, it is most likely that the PS5 will have its own unique look. With advances in cloud computing and game streaming, the PS5 could take different forms to current models.

While the PS4 took the PC route we are eagerly waiting to see how Sony will have designed the features included in the console.

PS5 price

The price of a console is by far the most important thing. There are already predictions that the price may land at $499. This is the current pricing point of the Xbox One. This also is $100 more expensive than the PS4.

Latest predictions from analysts have said that the PS4 Pro will probably drop to $250 before the PlayStation5 is released. The price of the PS5 is rather necessary with all the hardware it will accommodate.

This may prove to be a dangerous price. More so, if the competition figures out a way of releasing lower-priced models. The PS4 was more popular but yet similar to Microsoft’s Xbox One. One of the reasons why this was so, was because the PS4 was on average $100 cheaper.

This put the cheaper option at a great advantage. The state of the economy and the availability of the hardware will also play important roles here.

The PS5 Outlined

We are all very excited about the new console. The PS5 will most probably be as successful as its predecessors. With its excellent features and designs, we can only expect the best. Sony will most likely bring the heat in the PlayStation 5 as it has with other models.

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