Our TOP 3 home workouts for rapid weight loss. And it works!

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Losing weight is really hard. Watching what you eat is something that many of us fail at on a daily basis and don’t get us started on fitting in time for exercise. The trick to losing weight fast is to try and make it easier. Make small changes to your diet, cutting down to 2 biscuits instead of the whole packet (apologies if this just applies to us) could help. Or maybe you could swap out a bag of crisps with your lunch for an extra portion of vegetables.

It is important to add in exercise to maximise your weight loss but why not make it as easy as possible by doing your exercise at home? It’s just easy to get started at home, there are no prying eyes to worry about and you don’t have to deal with forcing yourself out the door. Here are 3 of our favourite exercises that you can do in the privacy of your own home to help get rid of excess weight quickly.


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SQUAT: KNEE POSITION! – What’s up, Achievers?! @jasonlpak here with a quick tip on knee position during your squats! The big thing that we don’t want to see is your knee caving in inside the line of your big toe. We like knee position to be in line with somewhere around the 3rd-5th (pinky) toes. This helps to maintain a solid arch position in your foot, which can help to transfer stability to the knee. – If you’re having difficulty pushing your knees out in the bottom of the squat, try to flare your feet out slightly more. This can help to reduce ankle mobility requirements and allow you to squat down in a more comfortable manner. – Lastly, this is advice for the 90% of you. There are some higher level Olympic lifters that actually purposely allow their knees to come inwards at the bottom of their squat, and seem to gain more power out of the hole because of it – perhaps by utilizing their adductors more. However, they’ve most likely have been using this technique for many years and have developed the structural integrity throughout their joints to do so. They’re also in the performance realm; not the health and fitness realm so they’re going to adopt certain techniques to lift more weight. – Also, some of you might have actual structural limitations in your hips or ankles that make this position impossible for you and that’s totally fine as well – do the best you can and work with what you’ve got. If you’re built this way, then having your knees be slightly in might actually be a stronger position for you and is perfectly safe. Always choose what works for you! – For the rest of us, keeping our knees in line with the 3rd-5th toes keeps our knees, feet, and ankles in a stable position and we can develop plenty of strength doing so. – We hope this post helps you out! Until next time, Peace, Love, and Muscles! ✌️💙💪 . . . #squat #squats #squatting #squatlife #strongfirst #achievefitnessboston #performbetter

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Squats are amazing for weight loss. The key to losing fat is to build up muscle. Building muscle increases your metabolism, which means that even when you are not exercising you are turning your body into a calorie burning machine. That’s right, you can burn more calories than you usually do, even when you are not exercising, just by making your muscles work.

Squats are perfect for building up your glutes, you just need to make sure you do them properly. It’s really easy to get a squat wrong which just makes it ineffective. Try standing in front of your sofa as you perform your squats, as you move backwards make sure that your bum is grazing the sofa.

Doing squats like this help you to achieve maximum glute activation, which is going to really work those muscles and speed up weight loss. There are a couple of variations you can try to make it less boring. Try an overhead squat where you hold something with weight above your head to increase the workload or try a split squat with one leg on the coach and the other in front of you.

Push up

When it comes to exercise, this is a classic. It might sound like it’s old and overdone but it’s a classic for a reason. For starters, it works pretty much every muscle in your body and really helps you build up your upper body strength. If you want more toned, shoulders or arms, it definitely is the right exercise for you. Start on your knees if you need to, but you should be aiming to have those legs out behind you as you push yourself up. You’ll get there, we promise. Why not put on some of your favourite music and drop down and give us 50, or more if you can. You won’t regret it when you see the results.


Burpees, again, work pretty much every muscle in your body but add in a bit of cardiovascular exercise. They are very trendy at the moment, especially with the HIIT crowd but in case you haven’t come across them, it basically involves you going from standing position to a squatting pose with your hands out in front of you. You then kick your legs back out behind you so that they are fully extended before bringing them back in and then leaping into the air as high as you can. Then you do it all over again. They are a pretty brutal exercise but once you get the hang of them it will quickly become one of your favourites or not, you might hate it but we promise it will help you in your weight loss journey.