My TOP 5 picks for the new James Bond

My TOP 5 picks for the new Bond
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Daniel Craig’s time Is over, and now someone must strip him off the sexy tuxedo and take away the shaken martini. Someone else’s reign must begin. But who?

This has been debated far too long, and I’m a little bored of it. I already have made up my mind about who the Bond should be, and I don’t need to discuss it anymore. This is my casting suggestions for the new 007.

Idris Elba

It’s not really surprising that he is on this list is it? Suave, sexy, a voice that could melt steel, he’d be a perfect bond. And he’s been nominated by the current title holder, Daniel Craig and the one and only Steven Spielberg. However, Idris has stated that he doesn’t want to play the iconic character, since playing it may overshadow his personal life. So, it seems that that door has closed. But never say never, it would be a massive opportunity, and who knows, maybe Idris will reconsider.

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Cillian Murphy

If Cillian were cast, I think it has the potential to be incredible. His acting has been shown time and time again to be outstanding. And, no offense to the previous actors, but the Bond film has never been noted for acting, maybe it’s time to change that? And that Jawline is a weapon on its own.

Henry Goulding

This beautiful man has a low enough profile to blur the lines between him and 007, but a high enough profile that casting directors and producers know who he is. He has the look and the swagger for the role, we haven’t seen him doing any big action scenes, yet. But there is a first time for anything.

James Purefoy

His name is James, which is a very good start for this role. And he has auditioned in the past. Maybe this is his time to shine. James has shown he is fantastic acting in a dark role, and maybe it’s time to spice Bond up a bit? Bond is far from a good boy, and I think it would be refreshing to see an actor highlight his bad side.

Johnathan Rhys Myers

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I used to watch him in the Tudors, and he almost makes you forget that the character he played was a spoilt bloodthirsty douche. If he can make Henry VIII seem cool, then imagine how cool he’d be as the ultimate cool boy. And he’s said in an interview “I’d love to do a big blockbuster action film”.  I have to admit, he’s my choice for the role.

There are many favourites for the role that I haven’t put on this list, purely because I can’t see it, or they are too successful. Some of the frontrunners are Henry Cavil, Tom Hiddleston, Richard Madden or Tom Hardy.

I’m not the best person to listen to though, as Bond films have never tingled my nerdy senses, I’m more of a Jason Bourne or John Wick gal.  Then again, maybe I just haven’t watched the right bond.

I hope whoever they pick is up for the task, 007 is a huge part of British Film. And he will have a lot of eyes watching him. But don’t worry kid, in another 10-20 years, you’ll be replaced.

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