My super emotional encounters with “Big mouth”

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This is the last thing I expected honestly, all I wanted was a funny show to binge, whilst my brain becomes gloriously numb. But that is not what I received, and it’s made me cry. I don’t know if that just means I’m a sensitive bean, or this is what they’ve planned.

This is a list of all of all the episodes that made my heart feel stuff.

Everybody bleeds

This one makes no sense, because it’s not sad, it’s natural. But it gave me the feels, because it transported me back to when I was going through the womanly changes.

In this episode the character Jessi, gets her period for the first time, in white shorts. And she’s so unprepared. I just wanted to whisk her away and give her chocolate. The moment near the end of the episode got me good. And I still think about it. When the poor bunny was weeping in the car. That’s happened to me too baby.

The head push

This episode deals with a very serious issue. Nick’s sister is subject to sexual pressuring. Where a boy continued to push her, when she had said no. I was sad for obvious reasons. And what made it worse, is the little crap burger spread rumours about the girls who refused him. The episode ending on how important it is for people to help victims and show them you are with them.

I survived Jessi’s Bat Mitzvah

Jessi’s world is being seriously messed up. Her family is being torn apart. And suckingly, a lot of us can relate. We watch her go through serious emotional upheaval, whilst remembering the security of having a solid parenting team, especially as a baby. The episodes that follow this one, cover how a teenage girl deals with stress very well. And why it’s important to understand why people do what they do.

What is it about boobs?

This episode actually meant a lot to me. And not just because it had boobs in it. It followed my favourite character Missy as she fell into big pit of self-loathing. She spiralled into believing there was something wrong with her body. This led to the most empowering song ever. It’s on my Spotify playlist.

Everybody is beautiful and unique. And the fact that Missy’s mom was quick to help her daughter with her body issues, warmed my heart. That’s a good mommy.

Those episodes hit me in the gut. But that isn’t what I had found most sad about the show.

Jay is a hilarious character, but there are a lot of moments with him that are tragic. The obvious neglect from his family being one. There are many moments, where he is desperate for love and affection. It may have got slightly too real for me.

I would love it if on season 3 we have a narrative on Jay. But please don’t make me cry too much.

Don’t get me wrong, Big Mouth is a hilarious series, and it is comedy at its core. But unlike other similar shows, it managed to deal with serious issues, in a comedic and honest way. Which is very important. Because the first step to dealing with problems is dialogue.

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