Mickey Mouse For President

Image by Gary Ullah from Pixabay

Disney is taking over the world, buying every major organization and absorbing all money-making entities. And this year they will be releasing a brand-new streaming site in the USA, called Disney+. It’s not easy being a big ol nerd in today’s word, it’s a blessing and a curse. Because there are so many cool things that are accessible to us now, but we are forced to spend our hard-earned cash, to be able to enjoy the geeky escapism.

And honestly, they can take my money. And I’m going to be subscribed to Disney+ before you can say Bibbidy boppidy boo.

Disney+ will be a streaming service similar to Netflix or Hulu, and it will house all the workings from Disney, which is A LOT. Fox, Pixar, marvel, and Star Wars.

It will be launching in America, November 12, 2019. But us folks non-Americans, we don’t know when it will be released. So, odds are, we will be witnessing the people in the USA having the time of their lives, and spoiling all the shows for us, but we can get through it. And you know what, maybe it’s fair. Ireland had Robert Sheehan before America, and Canada had Keanu Reeves.

It’s hard to compare Netflix with Disney+, since the latter hasn’t been released yet, but that won’t stop me from trying.


Not that this matters to me, because no matter how much it costs, I will be getting it. Disney+ Will cost $6.99 or £5.34 per month. Which is less than Netflix, not that I have to worry about paying for Netflix. Don’t hate me for this, but I don’t pay for my own Netflix. I use my brothers. Love you bro!

I pay for my own Amazon Prime though! So, I’m not all bad. Stop judging me.

What will be on there?

You would never have been able to guess this, but the content featured on Disney+ will be *drumroll* Disney movies and shows. It will feature thousands of our beloved movies. What is everyone’s favourite Disney animation by the way? Mine is Treasure Planet. Imagine yourself home on a Friday night, tired from the difficult week, in need on some TLC, with Disney+ these wholesome films will help comfort and inspire you. You could have a Toy story Marathon, whilst eating a big load of cheesy pizza. Or watch Aladdin with the biggest blanket wrapped around you. Sounds pretty good right?

Star Wars will also be on the site, so celebrating May the 4th will be a breeze. Disney is also developing some new Tv series for the Disney+. Some shows that have been confirmed are the Mandalorian, who’s lead is the one and only Pedro Pascal. And we are also going to get a series based around the character Cassian Andor from Rogue One. An Obi wan series could also be happening. Something I would love to see is a series based around a younger Qui Gon Jinn, no.1 he’s a Jedi, no.2 he’s considered a trouble maker. It could also feature his old master’s, Count Dooku, descent into the dark side.

Marvel will be another treat open to us. We’re going to be feasting on a Loki series. There are MANY Loki fangirls/boys so I imagine that this show will do pretty well for itself. I am not so sure about it, since I feel like we’ve already seen so much of Loki. Winter soldier and Falcon are also in the works, as are a Scarlett Witch and Vision show. Which I’m guessing is going to be sickeningly romantic. I am not really that hyped about the announced Marvel shows, but that might change as more is revealed. I’m a big X-men fan, and I was just thinking how cool a cheesy, teenage high school X-men series would be, like Glee, but without the singing.

All of Disney’s properties will be removed from Netflix over time, so it may look pretty empty. But I gotta say, some of my favourite shows are Netflix originals, The Umbrella Academy, Black Mirror and You. Netflix is very good at producing fantastic shows. And I feel like the release of Disney+ will just encourage them to work harder.