Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something 50p IKEA Blue Bag Crafty trick helps Bride avoid wedding day drama

Picture @ facebook/Djsweeby
Wedding days, happy joyous occasions when friends, families and loved ones come together to celebrate the loving matrimony of a couple to live happily ever after. But we all know wedding days can be a nervous time for all of us and there’s a lot to worry about the food, the photos, the family or friends with potential for friction, and of course what all brides secretly or not so secretly dread, going for a pee.

Wedding dresses are one of, if not the most symbolic item of a wedding.

Brides search heaven and earth looking for the right dress for their special day, and the choices are endless with a variety of silhouettes to choose from, Empire, A-line, Trumpet, Sheath or Mermaid. With this in mind some brides’ dresses can make it near impossible to relive yourself when nature calls without getting into a tangle and making a mess. One bride has come up with an in genius solution to this age old problem, and it comes in the form of the humble 50p IKEA blue bag.

Picture @ facebook/Djsweeby

This bride used the robust shopping bag for her creation by simply cutting a hole in the bottom, putting her legs through the hole and pulling it up above her waist, and then putting the straps of the bag over her shoulders. This effectively scooped up the dress and kept it save and clean from any mishaps.

Picture @ facebook/Djsweeby

The bride claims she had been dreading the thought of having to have someone help or watch her go to the toilet on her wedding day. She said it cost her about 80 Euros and took her about three minutes to make, which she did on only the day before her wedding. She had seen items like this on the market, but they were expensive simply because they were wedding related. Now this clever trick has been shared who knows how much it will catch on.