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The number of movies produced and released has increased exponentially over the last few decades, and it can be challenging to keep track. A brief search on Google can yield results, but it can be difficult to find regular and useful reviews about specific movies you are looking for. Research shows that for each good review, there are 2-4 blog posts that only rehash part of the movie’s plot. Movie databases, review websites and showbiz news online were developed as a result to provide more detailed information about a range of films to make it easy for you to select the best and acquaint yourself with the plot of the movie. Our magazine website has the latest showbiz news online section that provides the latest news about your favourite movie and upcoming films. You are also informed about their release dates and can find a brief review of what you should expect in the movie. TV showbiz news online also reviews recently filmed TV series and old movies that date back in the 80s. We aim to provide information about the movie’s casts, plot summaries and production crews after compiling multiple reviews from national and local critics. As such, you are sure to find candid discussions about the movies without bias.


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