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These seals are being trained to mimc notes that make them sound like singing like humans. In all fairness, they are not pitch perfect but better than most X-Factor contestant.
Minecraft Earth
I don’t think any of us asked for this. Minecraft was a very popular game in it’s time, and it’s true that there are people who still love the game. But personally, I haven’t played the game in years.
Listeriosis outbreak
Three unnamed hospital patients died after consuming sandwiches that health officials have confirmed to be contaminated with Listeria.  According to Public Health England, the three, who had been taken seriously ill between April 25th and May 15th, were under treatment when they died.
June 1st, 2019 was indeed a dark and gloomy day for Heavyweight boxing champion Anthony Joshua and his fans when a Mexican underdog Andy Ruiz Jnr brought his unbeaten record to a surprising end.
Top 5 facts about Roger Federer
Although the Swiss Master would probably be the first to admit that the decorated star’s days were already behind him when Pete Sampras was beaten by him in 2001, effectively seeing-off that era in that manner probably made for just the confidence-boost Roger Federer needed to officially ignite his career.
A New Superhero Horror Genre
The release of Brightburn has got me thinking about the possibilities in super-hero/horror. Is this a new era in the freaky movie industry? A spin on the Superman tale is definitely a cool introduction to the idea, what are the other possibilities? Batman Villains We are getting Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker this year, but I don’t think that is going to be...
King Khufu’s ship 4600 years later
In its series of honors and celebrations, Google Doodle set aside May 28th as the day to celebrate the Khufu Ship discovery that happened way back in 1954. The Khufu ship is an ancient Egyptian King’s full-size vessel that was buried in a pit within the Giza pyramid complex around 2500 BCE.
Wow! This is how it looks when an air rescue operation goes terribly wrong.
Last night I saw the latest live-action event made by Disney. And I have to say, I’m relieved. I hate to admit it, but my hopes were not very high for the film, and I also was a little hurt that there was going to be another genie.
Is climbing Mount Everest a suicide mission in disguise?
Three climbers, on the week ending May, perished on Mt. Everest pushing the death toll to nine in the 2019 climbing season alone.