A New Superhero Horror Genre

A New Superhero Horror Genre
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The release of Brightburn has got me thinking about the possibilities in super-hero/horror. Is this a new era in the freaky movie industry? A spin on the Superman tale is definitely a cool introduction to the idea, what are the other possibilities?

Batman Villains

We are getting Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker this year, but I don’t think that is going to be a horrifying cinematic experience. Do you know what could be? Scarecrow. This character is literally obsessed with fear, and unlike other villains, he hasn’t really been explored. He was shown slightly in Batman Begins, and he has had a decent role in the Arkham games, but other than that, nada. Want the ultimate psychological thriller? How about a therapist who forced you to see your worst nightmares?

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The source of the scares could be a multitude of things, as it is based on his victim’s imagination. Clowns, spiders, ghosts? It’s all possible. If they ever did create a scarecrow movie, I vote that Cillian Murphy is recast, he’s already proved he can play the part, now imagine what he could do with better character development.

Another route would be the Mad Hatter, who is looking for his perfect “Alice”, by kidnapping, torturing, and when they don’t meet his ideals, killing them. For a change though, instead of Batman swooping in and saving the day, the movie could end with him showing up and seeing that the girl saved herself.

Then there is Professor Pyg who’s minions are lobotomized victims with masks melted onto their heads. He is a scary surgeon with a pig mask, does that tick the horror boxes for ya?

Or a film where Batman is the villain, shot from the perspective of Robin forced to fight crime from a young age, who just wants to make his father figure proud of him. I can’t allow myself to think too hard on this subject since I don’t want to ruin my love of Batman. But the training to become Rob must have been brutal, and Bruce Wayne’s sanity is often compared to the the Jokers.


A Sabretooth monster movie? Can you imagine how scary it would be if you had him chasing you through the forest? I’m imagining a snowy environment. Maybe a red riding hood vibe to it?

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Or a movie featuring the Void, even the name is scary, right? This character is the dark side to the sentry, a pretty decent dude, a film focusing on his struggle with his two sides could be interesting, especially since the Void killed Sentry’s wife.

Or Hellcow, no this is not a joke. There is a Marvel character called Hellcow, it is a cow that is a vampire. I don’t know If that would be scary, but it is horrifying.

There are so many characters that have the potential to be adapted for the horror genre, some that I may not have even thought of. Anything can be scary with the right director. Even Spiderman. Please, don’t make a Spiderman horror movie.

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