A Millionaires Plan For Real-Life Hunger Games. An opinion.

Real life Fortnite planned by millionaire
Photo by Mike Navolta from Pexels
By now, you may have heard the news. Someone, who is very wealthy will be making gamers from all over the world’s dreams come true. On a private island, a Battle Royale event will take place, in which 100 people will be free to butcher each other in the most gruesome ways possible!

Just kidding, it’s basically a big game of paintball, except not paintball guns, but airsoft guns, for three days, divided into 12-hour sessions.

Can you imagine how covered with bruises the players will be? Speckled proudly in purple and red, maybe missing a few teeth, a couple of broken noses.

I also have a question for the anonymous millionaire. If you ‘die’ in the first hour or whatever, are you then dead and out of the game, or do you respawn? I guess if you stay dead, it wouldn’t be so bad, as you’re on a gorgeous island, sunbathing for the rest of the time.

If it’s based on the video game Fortnite though, it makes sense if you come back. And, do you parachute onto the island like in the game?

On the island supplies will be provided, and since this is a millionaire’s event, I imagine that everything will be super luxurious, with people on standby to give massages and put chocolates in their sleeping bag.

Hopefully they have first aiders as well, because they are going to need them. And internet, internet is a very important requirement. I really want them to stream the battle live, I probably won’t watch it, but I would YouTube “Battle Royale Island funniest moments.”

But, is this a good idea? To me, the answer is yes and no. For a gamer like me the chance to experience the adventures from games in real life would be awesome. It offers a chance to make memories, a chance to enjoy a paradisal environment, and feel like an action hero. I imagine the psychological benefits will be fantastic, helping people to build trust in people, and to believe in their own abilities, lifting their self-esteem, building teamwork, learning to allocate responsibility and relieve stress. HealthFitnessRevolution.com says “The endorphins released during intense exercise also eliminate mental stress and bring a sense of calm.”

You know what else. It’s fun, and to be honest that is a great reason on its own to do this. Having fun is basic human need, and it is often overlooked or called a waste of time, but you know what, life without fun would suck. You would make incredible friendships as well, considering the friendships that are forged in online gaming. Also, In the modern world, people are spending more and more time inside, so this is encouraging time out in the sunshine and in nature.

Briefly after reading this news, my thoughts turned dark. What if this isn’t what it seems? Ever seen the films, the Hunger Games, The Purge, or The Escape Room?

What if this is a ploy so that rich people can enjoy the bloodlust and gore of the less rich. I don’t know… any time I hear the words “anonymous” and “private” my thoughts turn a little cautious. But I guess the good thing is, even if I am right, and this is a secret Hunger Games, then we will probably never know, it will be covered up in a flash, so…silver linings!!

If this is the start of a dystopian future, I’m a little relieved we had some kind of warning. Now I can start working out, learn how to hunt and plait my hair like Jennifer Lawrence. Just kidding, I’ve accepted that in a world like that, I’d probably be one of the first to die. My privileged and sensitives self has now developed vital body needs, that cannot be ignored, my morning coffee, my Headspace meditation session, and my cat. I’m 100% the one who dies because of stress, or caffeine withdrawal.

When I was researching this article, many comments brought up the same thing. Why isn’t the millionaire using his/her money for good causes? Personally, I believe that money you have worked hard to achieve is yours to spend how you please. Then again, the world would be a better place if people invested their money in solving crisis’. However, as I said above, fun is what makes life worth living, which means this is a good way to spend money. And honestly if I was a millionaire, I would probably buy some real weird stuff.

It’s not really the first role-play experience, there are many similar activities, that are probably significantly cheaper.

I’ve seen advertisements for a zombie apocalypse survival and then there are escape rooms and Pokémon Go. And real-life sims are wildly popular. There is also a company called Ten Thirty-one that produces, live horror interactions.

If this is successful it could open the way for similar events in the future, which I am very onboard with, IF they are available for affordable for everyone. What sort of games would you love to experience in real life?

I’ve entered a whirl wind of possibilities, a real life GTA. Though I guess you can already do that, but it’s not advisable. And then there is real life WII sports, which you definitely can and should do. The sad thing is most of the most beloved games are just too big to translate into a simulation. The closest thing we could hope for is a Ready Player One situation.

And if a love of winning and making everyone snivel on the ground you walk on isn’t enough incentive to be the last one standing, there is also a prize of £100,000. They are also looking for a game maker for the event, and whoever is employed will be paid £1,500 per day.

It’s probably not going to be ready for a long time, as it will take a lot of planning and work etc, but maybe this will be the last we hear of it, or maybe it’s the beginning of something big.