6 Things That Have Been Ruined Because Everyone Else Is Doing It

6 Things That Have Been Ruined Because Everyone Else Is Doing It
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You know when something gets so popular that it doesn’t feel like a cool thing anymore? Well, yeah, that happens a lot! New trends come and go at the speed of light, but sometimes certain things catch on and hang around so long that the popularity starts to get annoying, and something that once was super fun gets super ruined!

I know that you know what I’m talking about, and these things, of course, can depend on what you are into in the first place, but there is no doubting that there are a few universal things that have officially been done to death across the board. Here are six things that have been ruined because everyone else is doing them!


Okay, so Comic-Con used to be this really fun and exciting convention where true fans of everything geek related could convene and bask in the glory of their interests. The thing is, not everyone is a willing participant in geek culture, which means that not everyone wants to go to Comic-Con! Do I want to get a picture and an autograph with that one guy who mopped the floor in the background of Star Trek once? Sure I do. Do I want to wait four hours in line for the privilege? Absolutely not!


Airbnb used to be an amazing little resource for travelers and seasoned holiday makers who knew how and where to grab a bargain. Unfortunately, the concept of staying in a real home rather than a hotel has blown up over the last few years, and this has resulted in a lot of great spots overcharging to the point where you might as well be staying in the local chain hotel anyway! It’s a real shame.


Instagram used to be a really fun place where you could display some of your more artistic flair in your photos, along with getting a more intimate insight into some of your favourite celebrities. The thing is, though, that since every single person in the world has made an account, your follower feed now just looks exactly like Facebook, mostly with the same posted pictures as well! Is it just me, or is every fashionable guy or girl on Instagram kind of turning into the same person?

Escape Rooms

Okay, we get it, escape rooms are fun! Or, at least, they were once upon a time when there were only a few dedicated companies running them. The sheer number of places that you can go to with friends now means that the quality has gone down while the prices have gone up. And also, let’s be real, once you have done one or two escape rooms, it all becomes a little bit predictable, doesn’t it

Theme Parks

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Theme parks are always going to be cool, and they are always going to be fun for a day out with family or friends, but the problem nowadays is that everyone tends to go on the same weekends and holidays, and you end up spending more time waiting in line than you do on rides. Even if the best roller coaster in the world provides you with something like two minutes of heart pumping adrenaline, it is really worth standing in the sun with thousands of other people for upwards of three hours?


Listen, I’m not here to tell you not to get out in the open and do some good exercise, but the whole point of hiking is that you get to commune with nature in a peaceful way whilst also burning some calories. The problem these days is that on any given weekend, any given hiking trail is absolutely packed with people taking photos for their Instagram. It’s just as stressful as being down in the street or at a club!

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