6 Super- and Anti Heroes that could take on Superman

6 Super- and Anti Heroes that could take on Superman
Image by Andrew Martin from Pixabay

Is Superman the strongest hero? My initial response to this was, no, he is not, he sucks. And only part of that is true. Superman does suck, but he may truly be the strongest hero. In this article we will be looking at the strength of this hero in terms of, how strong is he without any equipment?

So, even though Batman has been known to win in a fight against Clark Kent, he does so with gadgets, right? But who would win if they were both naked and had nothing? Stop drooling, this is serious. The answer is Superman. We will also be considering whether or not they are born with these abilities, that their level of power is natural, and without tampering. Also Marvel characters don’t count because I’m tired, and I am only one tiny person.

Superman, when naked has many abilities (some might say that this makes him overpowered, but whatever). His heat vision, super strength, flight, cold breath, x-ray vision and so on. Let’s compare it with his competition, shall we?


Batman is my favourite Dc hero, and I don’t care if that is generic. And like I said previously he has beaten Superman before. But let’s take away his gadgets, his suit, and Alfred. And without all that, could he do it? There is the argument that Batman is the most intelligent person in the Dc universe, and he would ‘figure something out’. But how could he do that without any tools, just his own raw muscle? I don’t think so. In fact, he is only in this article, because debating a fight between these two is a comic nerd’s favourite hobby.


This article’s focus is on heroes, but I think Lobo should count, as he is an anti-hero and a member of the Justice League. And this is my article, so I can do what I want. JK, love you.

Like Superman he was born with super strength and healing. He is also the last of his kind, because…he killed everyone.

Superman may have more abilities than Lobo, but when it comes down to it, Lobo Is messed up, and would not be afraid to do some horrific things. Also, Lobo is immortal, but I’m ignoring that.

Would Superman win? As I played the battle out in my head, it seemed to be going down the path that Lobo would win. But as it progressed, Superman got more and more angry and finally broke down, and let loose his inner beast, antagonised past the point of reason. So Supes wins!


They have the same powers the same heritage. And this is a weird one to analyse, because I honestly don’t know. Both absorb their power from the sun right, well Supergirl absorbs her power more quickly and efficiently, but Clark has been on earth longer and has stored more Energy. Both have lived on Earth, but experience has shown that Supergirl is able to deal with situations more logically. Supergirl is possibly a faster flyer. However, Superman is bigger than her and has more experience fighting and can better control his powers.

Most fans throughout the internet seem to think that Clark would win this fight, but I’m not completely convinced, and this question will plague me forever.

Martian Manhunter

Oh yeah, the Martian would win. His natural abilities far surpass Superman’s, since he has the same powers and much more! MM has the edge with abilities such as telepathy, shapeshifting, intangibility, telekinesis and more. However, his weakness is fire, which is a very easy one to exploit, and Superman has his heat vision. But I don’t think that’s a problem for MM at all, 1) he has a psionic shield (which isn’t a weapon, it’s an ability, so he could use it if he were naked). And 2) He is a telepath and Superman is a strong boy and everything, but I don’t think he could withstand anyone messing with his mind. Since he has been shown in the past to react poorly to emotional manipulation.

So, in my brilliant mind, Martian Manhunter wins.

The presence

I really don’t know if he counts, because he is God. So, I have no idea. I mean he wasn’t made or given anything extra, but he wasn’t exactly born like this, because he was never born. He doesn’t exactly break the rules but doesn’t follow them either.

But if he did count, there is not question he would win. The Presence made Superman, and his unlimitedly powerful. I’m sure he could just snap his fingers and Superman would cease to exist.

There are also many characters in Dc comics that serve as aspects of The Presence’s character or angels, such as Spectre, who is the personified trait of vengeance, Lucifer, who is a scary dude, and Michael.

Wonder woman

Wonder woman could possibly beat Supes in a fight, despite the fact that she has less abilities, and would be at a disadvantage without her equipment especially since they are magic, and Superman is weakened by magic. However, she has been properly trained in warfare and strategy by the Amazonians, whereas Supes hasn’t had that.

My gut tells me Superman wins this one though, from raw strength alone.

People who could win, but don’t count

These are the people that are not worthy to be considered for this article. People like Shazam (who was born an ordinary boy). Or the Green Lantern (No Jewellery allowed). Or the Helmet of fate (is Literally a helmet).

So in conclusion, Superman isn’t the most powerful hero in the Dc universe, but he is definitely the most recognizable, and isn’t one to be trifled with.

So that is what I’ve been spending my day doing, playing the God of war soundtrack and imagining epic battles between my favourite heroes. Although I like to believe it, I’m not always right, so if you can think of any areas in which I might be wrong or can think of any other worthy contenders for Superman, comment and let me know. Or, alternatively, you could validate the heck out of me.

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