5 reasons to buy a Fendi sports bra

5 reasons to buy a Fendi sports bra
Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

So, you need a decent sports bra.

We all know by now how important it is to have well-fitting, good quality bras, especially for exercise! Well look no further, the Fendi sports bra is the one you have to have.

It’s super-comfy.

In a stretch nylon jersey, I swear you can wear this bra all day, during the most high impact exercise, with no digging, rubbing or chafing. It hooks at the back, making it easy to get on and off, even after a sweaty workout.

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No need to wear anything on top.

This isn’t a bra to be hidden away under a baggy t-shirt. It’s available in a gorgeous range of colours and styles, from practical black to stand-out orange. I chose a beautiful printed navy, with just two discreet ‘F’s alluding to the designer label. Or, if you want to full-on shout about your designer credentials, you can pick a design with FENDI emblazoned across your chest.

Your boobs WILL. NOT. MOVE.

Now, like many women, I’m unfortunately not blessed with an, ahem, perfectly pert cleavage. The Fendi bra still provided complete support for all kinds of exercise, including a 5k run and chilled-out yoga session.

Great coverage.

For those of us who don’t want everything on display during a workout, the Fendi provides a good amount of coverage for both cleavage and tummy. Team it with high-waisted sports leggings for an on-trend and flattering look.

It’s Fendi!

Let’s be honest here, we all need a bit of designer luxury in our lives. Handbags and shoes are so last-season, so it’s time to invest in a true statement piece. A piece of luxury sportswear to show off at every opportunity.

As Li Nas X says, “Baby’s got to have her diamond rings and Fendi sports bra”. 

Go on, you know you want to…

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