3 Reasons why Adele could have split with her Husband

3 Reasons why Adele could have split with her Husband
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With the shock news of Adele’s recent separation from her husband Simon Konecki, fans are wondering how and why the couple of some eight years together and three years married has parted. With a six-year-old son, Angelo, the couple have pledged to raise their child lovingly despite the split.

Although the details are largely speculative, this is not the first time the couple have encountered marital troubles. Here we look at why the famed singer may have split with her husband. Despite the obvious emotional and heart-rending costs of the split, one thing is for sure: the queen of heartache ballads will come back with one hell of a breakup album.

1. Irreconcilable Differences Over Time

Rumours have been swirling about the split for some time, with Simon’s solo appearance during February’s Brit Awards apparently confirming the news. As far back as 2014, it was reported that the two had spent more than 8 weeks apart in separate houses. Although the pair had managed to overcome their differences in the past, it must have swollen to a degree that was irreconcilable. Friends have been speculating on their differences but hoped that they could work things out. One thing is for sure – the couple had strained moments in the past which could no longer be solved.

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2. Different Careers

The two live and breathe in different worlds and social circles. Where Adele has achieved global singing success as a much-loved superstar, Konecki is a noted charity CEO with years of experience trading in the City, London. It was a tale of Brit School meets Eton education, which may have created its own internal conflicts. With both pursuing different careers and lifestyles — Adele in New York, Konecki in London — the time spent apart on different continents and in different social circles may have heightened their divide. What’s more, both are extremely busy in their respective fields and their time apart was certainly never going to be a good sign.

3. Stresses of Fame

The stresses of fame are known to take their toll on even the longest of marriages. From changing personalities, business schedules and constant press intrusion, fame can put a huge amount of strain of relationships. With your relationship placed under a media microscope, simple dates can become a paparazzi spectacle. No more streetside walks or movie nights at the local cinema – it all has to take place in private.

Whatever the reasons, it’s clear the couple will remain in contact for the benefit of their son and that we may have just witnessed the birth of one of the great breakup albums of our time.

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